Manchester City 1-0 Everton (06.12.2014) Live Commentary

We have been watching a lacklustre game with only a few moments to stir the crowds. The players surely have higher capabilities, they just needed to motivate themselves to a better performance. The hosts were controlling the game most of the time. The tactic of the home side was slow build-up play. The away team’s main priority was a flawless defence.
Nothing more will happen today, Andre Marriner has blown his whistle and the game is over.
Samuel Eto’o (Everton) takes the corner which is cleared.
Wow, what an escape. Samuel Eto’o (Everton) has an effort from inside the box but it’s brilliantly blocked. The assistant referee points to the corner flag, Everton are going to take it.
Ross Barkley (Everton) takes the corner kick but the ball finds only the head of an opponent.
Ross Barkley (Everton) sends a pass into the box, but the opposition’s defence is alert to the danger and makes a clearance. The ball goes out for a corner. Everton can continue in their attacking effort.
The attendance is 45603.
Ross Barkley (Everton) picks up a yellow card for infringement.
There will be a minimum of 5 min. of added time.
James Milner (Manchester City) seems to be alright and is okay to carry on.
James Milner (Manchester City) is having a really harsh time now. We are about to find out how serious his injury is.
The referee stops play so that a substitution can be made and Kevin Mirallas will leave the pitch so that Leon Osman (Everton) can replace him.
The main referee Andre Marriner awards Yaya Toure (Manchester City) a yellow card.
Romelu Lukaku (Everton) crosses the ball into the box, but one of the defending players averts the threat.
James Milner (Manchester City) launches a powerful cross from the corner into the box, but the ball is intercepted by the defender.
Edin Dzeko (Manchester City) collects a pass and finds himself in a good position to strike from the edge of the box, but his attempt is blocked. The ball goes out-of-play. Manchester City have been awarded a corner kick.
Samir Nasri (Manchester City) goes on a weaving run through the defence and gets within shooting range inside the box, but his effort to the middle of the target is thwarted by Tim Howard (Everton).
12:16 – the statistics of total goal attempts.
The resulting corner from Kevin Mirallas (Everton) is unsuccessful.
Romelu Lukaku (Everton) squanders a huge chance from point blank range. His volley is directed towards the right side of the goal, but Joe Hart is alert and makes an amazing save! Good work from Everton as they win a corner.
James Milner (Manchester City) blows a golden chance from inside the box. He volleyed the ball narrowly over the crossbar. What a miss!
The manager has decided to make a substitution and Frank Lampard (Manchester City) walks off the pitch to be replaced by Jesus Navas.
The resulting corner from Samir Nasri (Manchester City) is averted by the opposition’s defence.
Samir Nasri (Manchester City) is trying to pass the ball into the penalty area but it’s blocked. Manchester City have been awarded a corner kick.
Pablo Zabaleta (Manchester City) found some space to play in a lofted pass, but it didn’t meet his expactations as none of his teammates managed to connect with it.
The resulting corner from Leighton Baines (Everton) is cleared by the defence.
Kevin Mirallas (Everton) takes a mid-range free kick and the effort crashes into the defensive wall. Now Everton with a corner.
Andre Marriner blows the whistle, Yaya Toure (Manchester City) is penalised for a foul. Everton are awarded a free kick from a dangerous position.
Kevin Mirallas (Everton) quickly takes the corner kick with a short pass.
The defence had a hard time blocking out the strike from Samuel Eto’o (Everton). He didn’t hesitate and finished from outside the box right after he had received a pass from his teammate. Everton earn a corner.
Romelu Lukaku (Everton) carelessly plunged himself under the feet of his opponent and couldn’t expect to avoid punishment. This time, Andre Marriner keeps the cards in his pocket, but he blows for the foul.
Samir Nasri (Manchester City) whips in the corner, but one of the defending players gets ahead of it and intercepts.
What a goal-scoring opportunity! Pablo Zabaleta (Manchester City) makes a good run into the box to collect a killer pass and slams the ball on goal, but the shot is blocked by the defender with an amazing slide tackle. The referee points to the corner flag. Manchester City are given a corner.
A lofted cross from James Milner (Manchester City) was unsuccessful as the opponent’s defence quickly gets the ball out of the penalty area.
James Milner (Manchester City) doesn’t send a cross into the box from the corner. He passes the ball to his teammate next to him.
James Milner (Manchester City) delivers a low pass into the box which is intercepted. The main referee points to the corner flag, Manchester City will take a corner.
The game has come to an end for Jose Pozo. He has contributed as much as he could today. He will be replaced by the fresh legs of Edin Dzeko (Manchester City).
Kevin Mirallas (Everton) displays a brilliant individual play, gets inside the box and pulls the trigger. His promising effort is blocked by one of the defenders.
Samuel Eto’o (Everton) sends a sweet pass into the box towards Seamus Coleman. He looks to dribble past an opposing player, but fails and the ball is cleared.
Kevin Mirallas (Everton) takes the corner kick, but Joe Hart (Manchester City) reads it well and stops the effort.
Kevin Mirallas (Everton) sees an unmarked teammate and attempts to send a low pass onto him. However, one of the defenders reads the game perfectly and averts the danger. The assistant referee makes a right call and Everton will have a corner.
Romelu Lukaku (Everton) is offside and the linesman raises his flag.
Roberto Martinez prepares a substitution. Muhamed Besic is replaced by Ross Barkley (Everton).
Samir Nasri (Manchester City) swings a cross into the box, but is far too close to Tim Howard, who smothers the ball.
Andre Marriner shows a yellow card to Gareth Barry (Everton) who can’t be surprised because his tackle was really hard.
Samir Nasri (Manchester City) floats the ball in from the corner which is intercepted.
It is unbelievable, Jose Pozo (Manchester City) blows a huge opportunity! He is totally unmarked and fires a first-time shot to the bottom left corner from a few yards out, but Tim Howard reacts superbly to keep the ball out. The referee signals for a corner kick, Manchester City are awarded.
Samuel Eto’o (Everton) and Romelu Lukaku are trying to find each other with some accurate passes ever since the match has started. These two are definitely the most combining and most creative players of their team.
Gael Clichy (Manchester City) whips a promising cross into the box, but the opposition’s defence intercepts the ball.
The half-time break is over and the second half is about to start.
We have seen a few chances and nice movements, but the overall impression of the game is rather common and not hugely entertaining. The hosts enjoy superiority over the opposition. Players of the home team present themselves with possession football and the away players focus especially on the well-organized defence.
That is it for the first half after the referee blows his whistle and the players head to their dressing rooms.
Phil Jagielka (Everton) finds Sylvain Distin (Everton) with a nice pass so he can go on towards the goal.
Fourth official shows 4 min. of added time.
Yaya Toure (Manchester City) hasn’t suffered any serious injury which wouldn’t allow him to stay on the pitch. He’s back in the game now.
James Milner (Manchester City) with the corner, but it is intercepted by the defender.
The game is interrupted now, Yaya Toure (Manchester City) picks up a knock and the physio has to come.
Jesus Navas (Manchester City) collects a brilliant pass inside the box and finds himself in a goal scoring opportunity. He takes a shot, but the effort is well blocked by one of the defending players. Manchester City get a chance to score from a corner kick.
Martin Demichelis (Manchester City) finds enough space to climb high and plants a header well wide of the right post. What a poor effort.
Samir Nasri (Manchester City) will deliver the corner kick.
James Milner (Manchester City) attempts to send a low pass into the box from the edge of the penalty area, but the opposition’s defence knocks the ball to safety. The ball is out-of-play. Manchester City win a corner kick.
Samir Nasri (Manchester City) breaks into the penalty area but his shot is blocked.
Leighton Baines (Everton) swings in the corner kick, but one of the defenders leaps into the air and clears the ball away with a header.
Kevin Mirallas (Everton) strikes a volley towards goal, but one of the defenders blocks his effort. Everton force a corner. They send men into the box.
Tim Howard (Everton) plays a terrific long ball forward to Kevin Mirallas, but he can’t beat his man and the move breaks down.
Jesus Navas (Manchester City) is caught offside!
James Milner (Manchester City) works the corner short instead of sending the ball into the penalty area.
James Milner (Manchester City) whips the ball in, but it can’t reach any of his teammates as the opposition’s defence averts the threat. Manchester City have a corner.
Jesus Navas (Manchester City) misses a great opportunity from inside the penalty area after blasting the ball towards goal and it goes wide of the left post.
Samir Nasri (Manchester City) collects a pass inside the box, and he unleashes a shot which is brilliantly blocked by a defender.
Muhamed Besic (Everton) sends a cross into the box, but Joe Hart comes off his line to gather the ball.
Jesus Navas (Manchester City) is obviously not following the Golden Rule: „Treat others as you want to be treated.“ He makes a bad challenge, and Andre Marriner is left with no other option than to blow for a foul.
Samir Nasri (Manchester City) launches the ball from the resulting corner, but one of the defenders is first to the ball and averts the threat.
Yaya Toure (Manchester City) finds himself in a promising position after receiving a precise pass. He pulls the trigger but hits only one of the opponents who got in the trajectory of his effort. The ball is out-of-play. Manchester City have been awarded a corner kick.
Leighton Baines (Everton) fails to produce a decent enough free kick for a player of his ability and the only target that he finds is the wall of defenders in front of him.
Everton have a free kick.
Fernando (Manchester City) takes out his opponent with a horrible challenge and is relieved when the referee only shows him a yellow card.
Yaya Toure (Manchester City) steps up and confidently powers his spot-kick into the bottom left corner.
Referee Andre Marriner sees tripping by Phil Jagielka (Everton) and doesn’t hesitate to blow the whistle. The referee gives a penalty to Manchester City!
Samuel Eto’o (Everton) is moving again okay after that injury scare.
What a close effort by Yaya Toure (Manchester City) who receives a pass on the edge of the box and shoots. The ball goes inches wide of the left post.
Samuel Eto’o (Everton) is clearly asking for some medical attention with his painful gestures. How serious is his injury is yet to be found out.
Eliaquim Mangala (Manchester City) takes out his opponent with a nasty challenge and is relieved when the referee only gives him a booking.
Samir Nasri (Manchester City) puts a cross into the box from the corner but there is no panic for the oppositon as they easily clear.
Jose Pozo (Manchester City) flights in the cross, but the defender is alert and clears to safety. The referee blows his whistle, Manchester City are awarded a corner kick.
Good movement by Gael Clichy (Manchester City), but he can’t find any of his teammates with a poor cross.
Yaya Toure (Manchester City) slips past one challenge, but is unable to feed a low pass into the path of his teammates.
Gael Clichy (Manchester City) with a teasing cross into the area, but Tim Howard intercepts the ball.
Seamus Coleman (Everton) infringed the rules and goes to the book. Andre Marriner pulls out a yellow card.
Romelu Lukaku (Everton) attempts to find one of his teammates with a sweet pass into the box, but one of the defending players reacts well and intercepts the effort.
Romelu Lukaku (Everton) with a through ball, but overhits his pass.
The game is interrupted as Gael Clichy (Manchester City) is flagged for offside.
Samir Nasri (Manchester City) steps up to take the corner. He launches the ball into the penalty area, but it only finds the head of an opposing player who averts the danger.
Sergio Aguero is not able to continue due to his injury and will be replaced by Jose Pozo (Manchester City).
Samir Nasri (Manchester City) swings in a cross, but the ball is cleared to safety by one of the defending players. The ball goes out-of-play. Manchester City are awarded a corner kick.
Pablo Zabaleta (Manchester City) and Eliaquim Mangala matched up again to find some space for an unmarked teammate.
Looks like Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) is struggling after picking up a knock. We will see if he can run that off.
Phil Jagielka (Everton) sends an accurate short pass. Tony Hibbert controls the ball with a fine first touch and is able to come up with a new attacking effort.
The first half of this match is about to start.
The players are on the pitch and Manchester City will have the kick-off.
Both teams starting lineups are available now, so you can have a look at them.
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The referee of today’s match will be Andre Marriner.
Hello and welcome to our minute-by-minute commentary of the upcoming clash. We will try to provide you with as-accurate-as-possible image of the situations on the pitch. Have fun.